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"Samantha's virtual training sessions are focused and encouraging, helping me build the habits to do the work on my own. She is incredibly responsive in both her communication and her coaching style - 
I have never felt more heard or understood by a trainer."

Virtual personal training is just like any other personal training session, but in the comfort of your home, apartment, or gym. Your training session will be programmed ahead of time, and with a smart phone or tablet and a set of headphones, you still get the same one - on - one attention.
In fact, when given the option to return to in-person training, many clients have opted to remain virtual for convenience. You will be provided a zoom link when you purchase and schedule your sessions.


Nutrition coaching goes beyond writing a restrictive meal plan. Restriction is proven to lead to burnout and is counter productive. Through nutrition coaching we work on building sustainable habits. Together, we figure out what works for your lifestyle, what your non-negotiables are, and what new additions we can make.


Online payments are secured through Stripe.


There is a 12 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 12 hours of your scheduled time, the session will be lost. Extenuating circumstances will of course be considered and I will work with you to the best of my ability to find a solution. 


Homework is assigned through an app called Trainerize, which is free for you to use. 


3 months is often the amount of time it takes to see long lasting results. Once the initial motivation wears off, we dig deep into your movement, recovery, and nutrition habits to ensure that you are building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


I always want you to feel like I am supporting your goals and progress! We can communicate through email, and/or through the chat messaging feature on Trainerize. I promise to respond within 24 hours, if not sooner!


It's completely fine if you live in a small space, or don't have access to equipment where you are. Your program will be entirely tailored to your goals and environment, and I have a list of my go-to's that are easily available for purchase once your plan calls for equipment use. 



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